Dota 2 Trade

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Trading is a game. It may be strange to say this since for the majority of people the cosmetic item system is just a small part of Dota 2, however the fact is that this system pays for Dota 2.

Sure Valve loves Dota, they love making the game, they love playing the game, they love hosting The International. The fact remains however that Valve is a company and the core function of any company is to make money. The only way Valve has to monetize Dota 2 is via Cosmetic items, so it can easily be argued that the Cosmetic items are as important, if not more, than Dota 2 itself. As long as Dota 2 survives as a game, cosmetics items will exist, and trading will be there. I mean look at Team Fortress 2, its essentially surviving now as a trading platform.

The core concept of trading is very simple, you buy low and you sell high, or alternatively as Joe Terranova says "Buy High, Sell Higher". This becomes a lot more complicated as the demand for items is constantly changing...
by Ari~ at 3:19 PM
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I'm launching this website not as another platform for trading but more as a place to voice my thoughts on the market. I want to encourage discussion on trends, speculate about about item prices, and eventually look back on these opinions to form better ones in the future.

The majority of content will be in the form of Blog Posts about what I'm doing personally, and what I think will happen in the future. There will also be guides published by myself, copied from other sites, or paraphrased from discussions I've had with people. As this is a forum platform there is also a general discussion area to discuss anything related to the trading scene.

It's not necessary to register, however feel free to do so in order to join the conversation.